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The Hawk Company was founded in 2012 by Steffen Heinicke with a deep conviction that mixing creativity, technology and empathy as well as connecting creatives can change behavior and improve the way we create, work and play. We are a projects based network and with all of the skills combined, we like to be challenged and are driven by unfamiliar opportunities and uncharted territory. 

Each member of our team plays a critical role in delivering exceptional work. Meet the team who help steward that process and ensure that objectives are achieved with the highest standards.

Steffen Heinicke

His greatest strength, though, lies in his creativity and sense for esthetics. After studying photography and design in Munich he made his Master of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Georgia. In the following years he found inspiration for new projects in the smooth light of California’s coastline and in the expanse of the desserts. In 2012, he returned to Germany establishing The Hawk Company, customizing Ducati motorbikes and loves cooking pasta.

Richard Baldeweg

As another musician in the team, Rich used to be an enthusiastic drummer and member of a band. The qualified public administrator even did audio recordings and live DJ sessions before discovering photography and filming as a new passion. Over the last decade he developed notable photography and film editing skills. He lately broadened his horizon in the field of shooting videos with a drone and professionally color grading film material.

Joel Bentow

is a multi-disciplinary art director and designer from Los Angeles, California. He studied film and photography as well as design and animation at the prestigious Pratt Institute in New York City, earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Design. Bentow has worked on numerous commercials, music videos, promos, TV and films throughout his career. With over a decade of freelance experience at dozens of the world’s leading creative and advertising agencies, Joel has earned a reputation for being one of the most dependable and sought after people in the industry.

Johanna Leisgang

may be the youngest in the team but leaves everyone behind, when it comes to finding the right words. She worked as a journalist for daily newspapers such as Süddeutsche Zeitung in Munich where she grew up. Although she absolutely loves the Alps, she followed the call of the far North to study Cultural Management and Media Management at the renowned KMM Institute in Hamburg. She currently supports the HAWK COMPANY as a writer while managing PR and Marketing for one of Europe’s biggest chamber music festivals.

Axel Wolph

New as a partner in our team, Axel is a 1979 in Austria born singer and songwriter, composer, music producer and media artist. After 16 years of living in Vienna and Los Angeles he is now settled in Aschach at the River Danube, Austria, together with his wife, three sons and two cats. His songs and music got airplay on MTV UK/Europe, VIVA, several TV stations, more than 300 radio stations in the USA and selected stations in Europe. As a producer and musician he has worked with international artists. He has written and produced music for films, TV and media. He runs his own recording studio called The Green Meadow Road Studioa and loves motorcycling.


Who we are, where we’ve been and the stuff that’s inspired us along the way.
We are a family – we create – we work – we play together.